Second Supplement to Motion to Intervene

With this filing, the interveners introduce the entire group of 15 parents, as well as adding an affidavit from Doug DeAngelis containing among other things a financial analysis that factors in the effect of converting seasonal units to year-round.

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – Second Supplement to Motion to Intervene

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – First Amended Answer and Counterclaim

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – DeAngelis Affidavit


Supplement to Motion to Intervene

This first supplement adds some parents and lays out the rationale for intervention.  It explains that we relied on the representation of the Chairman of the School Committee when he said immediately before the trial “there won’t be any settlements that involve sale in any respect”.

There was also the need to file another document essentially saying that we would like to take up the same arguments that the School Committee abandoned.

Probate – Interveners – 111227 – Supplement to Motion to Intervene

Probate – Interveners – 111227 – Answer and Counterclaim

School Committee Opposition to Motion to Intevene

As we have stated to the other members of the Tri-Board, we believe there is no Town Meeting authorization for the School Committee to spend taxpayer funds opposing the privately funded intervention motion; all we are doing is asking the court to allow us to continue the fight that the School Committee prematurely abandoned.  We are not asking for the School Committee to support us either; we are just asking them to remain silent, which is the least expensive option for the Town.

Probate – SC – 111223 – Opposition to Motion to Intervene