Ipswich Land Battle

TV coverage on Boston’s ABC affiliate Channel 5.

The main error is the statement that the Trust has generated no money for the schools in the past decade.  While the funds generated were still not close to what could have been generated with prudent management, you can see in the analysis here that most of the funds generated in the modern era came in the last decade.


School Committee Opposition to Motion to Stay

Your tax dollars hard at work, regardless of what the Selectmen think.  More than just “settling” the Probate Court case, the School Committee is now sending money to its lawyers so that they can craft arguments that are diametrically opposed to the arguments they made with the first $700,000 of taxpayer money.

Appeals – SC – 120222 – Opposition to Motion to Stay


The School Committee wants it both ways

At the January 5th, 2012 School Committee meeting, Chairman Loeb made the comments in the audio clip below, finishing up by saying that “The Judge was leaning on counsel to have discussions.”

Now comes the School Committee counsel, in a joint affidavit with the counsel for the Feoffees, stating before the Appeals Court that “Any statement that the trial judge, in any way, applied any “pressure” or coercion on the parties to settle is false.”

Appeals – Joint – 120221 – Affidavit

So, the School Committee is presenting one picture to the public to explain their actions while their lawyer presents a completely different picture to the Appeals Court.  Who should the citizens believe?