Extension Request from the Attorney General & School Committee

Apparently following in the footsteps of the Feoffees, now come the Attorney General and (most inexplicably) the School Committee asking for more time to reply to the petition for Direct Appellate Review.

Appeals – AG – 120904 – Request for Extension To File Response to DAR

Appeals – SC – 120904 – Request for Extension to File Response to DAR


Joint Status Report

This is a joint status report of the Feoffees, the School Committee and the AG in which they complain about our appeal and ask the court to order an expedited briefing and hearing schedule, even though it was the School Committee’s own motion to compel that was prolonging the Probate Court action.  As reported in the previous post, the Appeals Court granted our stay of the appeal until July 24th so that the Probate Court could assembly the record.

Appeals – Joint – 120525 – Status Report