Opposition to Motion to Strike Interveners Notice of Appeal

This is the interveners opposition to the Feoffees motion to strike our appeal of the judgment.  The hearing has now been scheduled for May 11, 2012 at 9AM in the Salem Probate Court.

Probate – Interveners – 120425 – Opposition to Motion to Strike

We do not consider this a particularly important hearing so there is no particular need to attend.


Memo Supporting Motion to Intervene and Supplemental Affidavits

The first document is the legal argument for why we believe we have the right to intervene in this case.

The last link (CBRE Report) is an expert opinion stating that it is not only feasible but also desirable to lease Little Neck, and therefore illegal to break the will.  Although huge amounts of the schoolchildren’s money has been expended on appraisals and analysis of how one would go about breaking the will and selling the land, as far as we know this is the first analysis anyone has commissioned on how one would go about upholding the will and keeping the land.

Probate – Interveners – 120126 – Memo Supporting Motion to Intervene

Probate – Interveners – 120126 – Supplemental Ziegler Affidavit

Probate – Interveners – 120126 – Collins Affidavit

Probate – Interveners – 120126 – CBRE Report

Second Supplement to Motion to Intervene

With this filing, the interveners introduce the entire group of 15 parents, as well as adding an affidavit from Doug DeAngelis containing among other things a financial analysis that factors in the effect of converting seasonal units to year-round.

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – Second Supplement to Motion to Intervene

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – First Amended Answer and Counterclaim

Probate – Interveners – 111230 – DeAngelis Affidavit

Supplement to Motion to Intervene

This first supplement adds some parents and lays out the rationale for intervention.  It explains that we relied on the representation of the Chairman of the School Committee when he said immediately before the trial “there won’t be any settlements that involve sale in any respect”.

There was also the need to file another document essentially saying that we would like to take up the same arguments that the School Committee abandoned.

Probate – Interveners – 111227 – Supplement to Motion to Intervene

Probate – Interveners – 111227 – Answer and Counterclaim